The Union Advantage

ALBAT produces an experienced and thoroughly trained IBEW workforce of highly skilled union outside linemen, offering substantial advantages to construction users, electrical and utility contractors and union member linemen and apprentices.

“Union construction work sites are 17% more productive than non-union sites.”  
                                                                           —Construction Users Roundtable (CURT)


IBEW partner contractors are able to supply construction and utility projects with outside linemen and apprentices who have been well-educated through ALBAT, so project owners receive world-class maintenance and installation services every time – and their jobs are completed on time and on budget.

The labor-management cooperation between the IBEW and its partner NECA contractors, which administers the ALBAT program, is strengthened through the IBEW Code of Excellence, further providing construction users – public and private owners – with a union workforce on which they can rely.


Advantages for CONTRACTORS

The IBEW provides significant, bottom-line advantages that save contractors money – such as having access to the region’s top ALBAT-educated linemen and apprentices.

IBEW partner NECA contractors have access to a large pool of highly trained Journeyman Linemen – because the IBEW continuously recruits and trains quality workers through ALBAT, which provides them with nationally recognized apprenticeship training and journeyman upgrade programs in a state-of the art training facility.


Advantages for UNION MEMBERS

In addition to providing training through ALBAT, the IBEW negotiates for its members so they have real, quality-of-life advantages, such as better wages and family healthcare & retirement benefits.

Through ALBAT, IBEW journeymen and apprentices are provided with the training they need to be part of the very best outside linemen workforce available – so they can receive the advantages they deserve as members of one of the most advanced and modern employee associations in the world, the I.B.E.W.


Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, DC., and Maryland