More About ALBAT

The American Line Builders Joint Apprenticeship and Training (ALBAT) Program was officially established on August 26, 1958, the result of a cooperative undertaking by the American Line Builders Chapter NECA and the IBEW, Fourth and Sixth Districts.

Our program covers eight states:

IBEW Sixth District
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan

IBEW Fourth District
Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, DC., Maryland

The ALBAT administrative office and training facility is located in Medway, Ohio.

ALBAT Jurisdiction

The ALBAT Area Joint Committee is comprised of eight representatives, four from the IBEW and four from NECA.

This committee meets quarterly to review ongoing business and establish the various policies, rules and regulations of the ALBAT Program.

Subcommittees have been established in the eight states that meet quarterly to interview and select applicants for the program and to also review and evaluate the progress of each apprentice in its respective subcommittee area.

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, DC., and Maryland